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The International Molyneux Family Association is a forum for the exchange of genealogy and family history for people interested in the Molyneux surname (and its many variants). Our publications and online forums include our 28-page quarterly newsletter, this website, our DNA project, and our Facebook pages. IMFA relies on members to provide content for these media. We welcome your participation!

Mx Military Records

As part of our Resources section of the MxWorld website we wish to further develop the Military records. Brian Seddon AU019 contributed the information to kick-start this project. We have a large number of records relating to Mx service personnel in WWI and WWII. We have commenced putting some of these records on our website but some of the remaining material requires minor editing or further research. This is not an onerous or long-term commitment but may appeal to a member with a particular interest in military history – we would be delighted to have someone take on this role.

If you can assist us with any of the above please email, Brian Seddon, on military@mx-world.org

Search Mx military records: > Go there

Mx Pedigrees

Member MxPedigrees began appearing on the website several years ago as part of the DNA Surname Project. We are in the process of expanding the pedigrees to include information submitted by past and present members for publication in MxWorld.

When the project is completed you will be able to upload a GEDCOM file of your Mx ancestry where it will become part of a searchable all-name database of member GEDCOMs. Until then, you can add or update your information on this website at Add/Edit Pedigree Information.

This information can be accessed by our members using the new Pedigree Search. Names of living individuals, or individuals with a birth date after 1911 and no death date, are automatically hidden on the website.

Research Assistance

From time to time we all find ourselves facing an apparent brick wall in our research efforts. We find pieces of the puzzle are missing and cannot be found. Sometimes another pair of eyes or knowledge of a little known document resource can break the barrier and open new connections. If you find yourself in that situation we might be able to help. Request help.

Who Will Inherit Your Genealogy Research?

This Genealogy Will is being posted so you can designate who you would like to see inherit your genealogical research. Example: You can leave your research to a family member, a society or perhaps a study partner. Print out this will and place it with your family papers.

President's Message

Hi everyone, we are into our May issue of MxWorld already and it is as busy as ever. We have not long come back from a few days away in the caravan, we went to Shropshire, which just happens to be my next area of interest for my family search. This is the second visit, we were down that way same time last year. Sadly I didn’t get much family history done but it did get me thinking!! The areas and places we visited have so much history so my family must have been involved in some way.

We went to Stokesay Castle, which is a fortified house really, built by Laurence of Ludlow, a wool merchant who had become one of the richest men in England. Stokesay is a perfect example of the richer side of medieval living. Stokesay, is about 7 miles away from Ludlow Castle, where Edward V was residing when Edward IV died, and it was from here Edward V made his way to London for his coronation but didn’t quite make it, being taken to the tower by Richard who was soon to be Richard III. We stayed in Much Wenlock, and Wenlock Priory is a hidden little gem with a rich history. A religious monastery was first built there in around AD 680 when Merewalh was the Saxon king of Mercia, the monastery was for men and women. It eventually met its end in 1536 during the dissolution of the monasteries which took place during the time of Henry 8th.

We went to Shrewsbury, this is where I need to go to visit the records office, hopefully to learn more about my family history in Shropshire, it’s just finding the time? It is my son Jake’s last few weeks at University. He has been driving us all mad with his essays, in connection with his project and I have taken him back to Manchester Uni.

If there are any areas of interest where people like to visit and have family links, maybe you would like to write in and share them with us, I have so many places to visit, its where to start. Keep sending your stories in and let’s hope we all have a peaceful and prosperous quarter until the next issue of MxWorld.

Kind Regards – Tony

Tony Molyneux Steele UK188