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Molineux Rifles Trading Card

Brooklyn, N.Y. Militia   (Latitude: ,  Longitude: )
Contributed by: US332 Wayne Straight   |   22 Aug 2017

Illust'd Sweet Caporal cigarette trade cards, 1886 US military uniforms. Published by the Kinney Tobacco Company, NY. Sweet Caporal was a brand of cigarettes popular in the US around the turn of the century, one of whose distinguishing features was the inclusion in each pack of collectible "cigarette cards." Kinney claimed this to be the most complete and correct set, urging regiments to send colored sketches of their uniforms so they might be added to the collection as quickly as possible.

The "Molineux Rifles" may refer to General Edward L. Molineux, Molineux Rifles, Company D, Thirty-second Regiment, New York.